Patient information

At Birmingham Vascular clinic we pride ourselves on tailoring every treatment to suit you. When you first meet Professor Tiwari, he will undertake a thorough history of your condition followed by an examination. He will then discuss the need for any further investigation along with a management plan. Once you have decided on your preferred management plan, you will either be referred to a hospital for further investigation (for insured patients) or to one of our trained scanner for a duplex scan (Self funding). Following this there will be a further appointment to discuss results and plan any surgical procedure. During this process, you can always text us mobile number 07502344881 or email ( for any queries that you may have. We are able to answer any queries within 24 hours during the weekday.
If you need a surgical procedure this will generally take place at the Priory Hospital though in certain circumstances this may be undertaken at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital ( Follow up will usually be 4-6 weeks after any surgical procedure. However if there are any concerns before that we will endeavour to see you at the next available clinic (Monday).

Our charges are:

Initial consultation and hand held doppler (30 minutes): £225 (Circle Priory Hospital) 

Initial consultation and venous duplex scan: £299 (Midland Health) 

Follow up (15 mins): £150

Charges for any investigation will be discussed with you at the initial consultation and a written email or letter will follow with the cost of the scans if requested.