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When should it be treated?

If you are found to have an aneurysm, your G.P. will refer you on to your local vascular sur-geon. The vascular consultant will discuss with you about your aneurysm, whether it needs to be treated or just needs follow up. The consultant will also look at improving your general health in terms of advice regarding smoking, making sure your blood pressure is controlled, starting you on a statin (cholesterol lowering drug) and also asking you to take a low dose aspirin or an alternative antiplatelet drug.

Generally abdominal aortic aneurysm are repaired when they are between 5-6cm. Women are likely to be offered repair when their aneurysm is 5cm and men when their aneurysm is more than 5.5cm.

Thoracic aneurysm are repaired when they reach 6cm but the timing and size of repair will depend on the patients and following discussion with their vascular or cardiothoracic consultant.