I would like to express my gratitude in restoring my confidence in surgery.
Many years ago I experienced an unpleasant procedure. Upon recommendation, I had a consultation with Mr. Tiwari. He was very throrough, in explaining different proceedures, to suit me. After a scan, I went ahead with sclerotherapy, to my one leg. Mr. Tiwari, and the nurse Anne, made me feel confident and comfortable during the procedure. I walked out of outpatients and didn’t need any painkillers. The next day, I had minimal discomfort, within a week I was back at work.
I will, and do, recommend Mr. Tiwari.
I’ve already booked in for my other leg to have the same treatment.


I had a large, thick, bulging vein running most of the way down the inner part of my left leg. Mr Tiwari decided that the best course of action was to laser the vein under general anaesthetic. The advantage of this over the more traditional method of pulling the vein out meant that the recovery time was much quicker. I was driving within a couple of days. Three weeks on from my operation and the leg is now looking very neat. I can play sport uninhibited.
I can only speak positively of my experience when dealing with Mr Tiwari. Mr Tiwari is friendly, professional and explains clearly the various options involved. The surgery he performed on me couldn’t have gone better and the post op care was fantastic. A week after my operation I was unsure about something and Mr Tiwari was easily contactable to explain. His communication skills are excellent.
I have had many operations in my life and this one was the easiest.
If you have varicose veins then I can thoroughly recommend Mr Tiwari to sort them out.


I would like to thank you for the very successful laser procedure carried out by yourself to remove the varicose veins in my left and right legs.
The veins in both legs were large, prominent, unsightly and ached after any strenuous exercise, such as cycling and walking.
The laser procedure carried out on each leg on separate dates, was, on your advice, carried out under General Anaesthetic.
I must say, that following the procedures, I experienced only low levels of discomfort and soreness and within three weeks of each procedure I was able to resume cycling and hill walking.
My fiancé says I have a new pair of legs, so thank you, to you and your team for the excellent results achieved.


I would encourage anybody who is considering treatment for unsightly and unpleasant vein problems to book an appointment with Mr Tiwari. I made the initial phone-call and my consultation options were discussed directly with Mr Tiwari . A subsequent leg scan and consultation was booked and the relevant treatment followed. Mr Tiwari has a kind and gentle direct manner which immediately puts you at ease both during the consultation and treatment.

The actual sclerotherapy treatment wasn’t unpleasant or painful at all and there was only a sensation of slight pressure when what appeared to be the finest of needles and injections were used. The treatment was speedily and efficiently done, the pressure stockings and bandages were applied and aftercare was discussed with the option to ring about any concerns I might have. There was very minimal bruising and sensitivity after the treatment and the veins are no longer visible at all.


I would just like to say a massive thank you and to all the nursing staff for all the work that has been put into my procedure, I am well pleased with the outcome with hardly any scarring and only experienced a small amount of pain and bruising. A month on and I cannot tell I have had any work done. Great Results!

My stay at the priory was very comfortable and I will certainly refer to you in the future and recommend any family and friends should any further procedures be required.